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Mathew WilliamsonMathew Williamson

Hi Gary et al,

Burlington until now has operated with generally never leaving a home without protection and installing smoke alarms on each floor level where found missing. We are curving in an opposite direction (with now CO and costs per unit) and that is not installing on responses where there is not a smoke alarm installed / disabled etc. The crew would direct the owner to comply and provide 48 hours. The crew would do the initial re-attendance and non-compliance would be forwarded to FP for enforcement (a ticket in all likelihood). Saying this, the SOG will be provided so that the Captain (possibly in having to confer with the PC) will always maintain the discretion as to conduct an installation. A good case example is teenaged children and the folks are away for the week-end – you would hope we can assist on a response on the installation and are not policy bound.

Gary, shoot me an e-mail directly and I can send you the SOG (or draft thereof).

Mat Williamson,
Burlington Fire