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Afternoon All,

We are supposed to keep NOTES? !
A very interesting read, and topic.

Currently, while in the field we use department letterhead, headings outline date, time of arrival, time of departure, vehicle used, weather and road conditions and person contacted. A similar file note (on letterhead) is used for phone conversations and other notes in the office.
Signature always goes after the last line, new page for each, even if it is a one or two line statement. All paper records go into a file.
We use Crisys for CAD and I also include a brief summary of each event (inspection, fsp review, plans review, investigation etc.) in the particular property file electronically (this by the way assists our suppression crews because I can add hazard information and other notes onto our ‘trip tics’ that get faxed and printed for each call so the crew has a heads up).
I agree that a Standard of Practice provincially would be beneficial, keeping in mind the vast differences in department make-up, budgets, and financial capabilities.
I will be keeping an eye on this thread for sure!