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Webinar: Operational Smoke Control Systems for High-Rise Buildings

The Institution of Fire Engineers is organizing a two-hour virtual event on Tuesday, May 28 on smoke control systems in high-rise buildings. They have graciously offered OMFPOA members a 25% discount to attend. The event runs from 1:30pm – 3:30pm EST Please follow this link to register: and choose the OMFPOA 25% off option

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Capstone Development | Training

We deliver a proven training approach that balances theory with practical, hands-on learning. Our students complete real life, job applicable tasks through scenario-based training that supports the development of field-relevant skills.

We are also excited to launch Capstone Academy – our online learning portal. Visit our website to view current courses –

  • Available now: Level 1 – Basic Note-taking for Fire Prevention Officers
  • Coming soon:
    • Courtroom Procedures Course (Blended format)
    • Conflict Management
    • Investigations and Case Management



Capstone is owned and operated by Angela McKenna. Angela served as a police officer for 15 years and taught the academic side of policing to officers for 6 of those years.  Here Angela introduced modern adult learning principles into police education by using scenario-based learning methods. Prior to this role, she developed internal policy and conducted audits among other investigative roles. Through these roles Angela has developed a strong understanding of the connection between standards, proper documentation and training toward field competencies.


Angela holds 2 degrees – B.A in Sociology and B.Ed in Adult Education. She also teaches at the college level and in Degree programs and has been a part of various seminars at the Fire College.

Since 2017, Angela has been the Lead Adjunct Instructor at the Ontario Fire College – Courtroom Procedures Course and currently instructs at Fanshawe College in the Fire Prevention program on their Courtroom Procedures Course. Angela has also worked with numerous Fire Services instructing both the Suppression and Prevention sides in various topics.

Angela creates sessions where learners leave with a boost in confidence because they have learned in class how to master the skills needed in their workplace!


  • We teach beyond the “what goes in my notes” and show you HOW to actually lay it out using precise language! We offer two note-taking levels – Suppression or Inspection/Investigation Focus. You will review current best practices and standards surrounding note-taking and apply a simple formula to help learn HOW to document crucial information. Many participants adopt these strategies immediately and keep using them in the field!
  • Learn about your role within the court process and gain insight into the overall court system. Connect the importance of good notes and documentation to a successful prosecution. Let us give you strategies to calm your nerves, prepare for trial and deal with questioning tactics on the stand.
  • We break down the elements of great reports and show you a system for creating them with ease. You will also learn the connection between good notes and great reports. Participants will learn how to write and compile a Prosecution Brief relevant to their role.
  • Learn the importance of organization and develop strategies that work! Learn how to approach your investigations with a “big picture” mindset and create solid documentation links. Learn the basic steps to a successful investigation that adheres to current best practices. Move your cases down the road of compliance while being mindful of potential prosecution. This course is helpful for new inspectors or fire investigators.
  • Use a simple 3 step writing process to create emails, memos and letters. Learn how to create persuasive communications to help move toward compliance yet deliver a clear message about violations and the stance of your Fire Service.  This session is helpful for anyone communicating with the pubic regularly or other agencies. We will help you develop a professional image!
  • Learn concrete communication strategies and techniques that work. Learn how to deescalate situations in the field and prepare for tough situations like meetings with property owners or issuing orders. We will show you how to communicate a clear position that represents your organizational stance; deliver “bad news” all while balancing your own emotions.


Services in:

  • Policy/Procedure & Employee Handbook Development
  • Process or Procedural Auditing
  • Business Communications

Specialized Training in:

  • POA Form Completion
  • Powers and Authorities under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act
  • Entry Warrant Completion

Call us to discuss a customized solution specific to your needs.

Angela McKenna
Owner, Capstone Development & Training
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